Perhaps the greatest joy of a calling to the clergy is accompanying you through the journey of life and marking stops along the way with ritual.  

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Baby Blessings:

In the context of Jewish community, a ceremony after the birth or
adoption of a child involves announcing the name – in English, and usually in
Hebrew – with the parents telling the story of the name and often acknowledging
those remembered through the naming.  The child is also embraced into a covenantal relationship with community, tradition, and family.  The diversity of kinship is acknowledged. The uniqueness of each child and each family is celebrated.  The question of religious identification can be explored and deepened.  We can be in person or virtual for such a ritual moment.


Planning a commitment ceremony with sacred ritual (known by some
as a wedding!) is unique time of discernment, openness, dreaming and hope.  The Jewish wedding ceremony provides a portal of transformation for those connected to this path.  Multi-faith and inter-faith couples are invited to explore and honor all their heritages.  If you chose to work with me, we will explore the resiliencies and challenges of your relationship as we craft the ceremony that best fits your vision. 

Please understand that I honor the Jewish Shabbat; thus, I must decline officiating at weddings that involve travel on Friday after sunset or Saturday during daylight hours. 

Death and mourning:

A time of profundity, grieving and finality, the death of a loved often shakes us to the core of our essential selves.  Traditional Jewish burial is a time-honored marker on the path of honoring those who have transitioned out of this lifetime, as well as beginning the official mourning period for friends and family. It is likely that I could only officiate a funeral for someone in the Reno-Tahoe area.  However, we have learned, through the time of Covid, that meaningful on-line gatherings can bring far-flung family and friends into one virtual sacred space of embrace during the time of mourning.  I offer hosting and facilitating an on-line ritual assemblage for the recitation of kaddish and the celebration of a beloved’s life.


We can work together to craft a unique and personal ceremony to mark
your life’s transitions – relationship, work, illness, recovery, or special dates
– for example, a Celebration of Wisdom (Simhat Hokhma) for a 60th