Integral Halakha

In 2017, Rabbi SaraLeya received a special s’mikha (ordination) as a dayan for the Integral Halachah Institute to be a placeholder within the Jewish Renewal movement for a dynamic and responsive relationship to the halakhic process.  She is deeply committed to a 21st century halakhic process, viewing the rabbinic textual tradition as a timeless conversation within the mind of the Divine.  She teaches the senior halakha class for the ALEPH Ordination Rabbinical Program

2017 Dayan Ordination- Rabbis Daniel Siegel, SaraLeya Schley, Simcha Daniel Burtsyn and Hannah Dresner

Her most recent published work is entitled “The Heart Knows Its Own Bitterness – Medical Assistance in Dying / Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia: Rethinking Halakhic Principles Underlying the Decision.” that is available via the Aleph Canada website.

In 2022, she co-offered the Halakha Plenary at the 2022 OHALAH conference, entitled “Lineage and Parental Gender in Jewish Identity.”