• Hirhurim Mei Ha-Lev Shel Savta – Savoring

    Hirhurim Mei Ha-Lev Shel Savta – Savoring Monday May 6, 2024.  28 Nisan 5784. Today I received a blessing from my spiritual director…the suggestion just to savor my breath.  To sit and breathe and not worry about intentions, prayer words, mantras.  Just savoring aliveness.  I have been stressing for a while now about not praying…

  • 06 Toldot

    06 Toldot

    twins what fun!!

  • 05 Hayei Sara

    05 Hayei Sara

    text text text…………………………

  • 04 Va’era

    04 Va’era

    who visited abraham???????/

  • 02 Noah

    02 Noah

    here is my drosh….

  • The Universe of the Uterus

    The Universe of the Uterus

    What a surprise the first time it happened!   I remember standing in front of a large congregation at Chochmat HaLev, giving a sermon and, intending to invoke the “Universe” as an alternate way of referring to The Unity of All, when I heard myself saying “uterus” instead.  The laughter was robust and mutual – I…

  • 01 B’reishit

    01 B’reishit

    in the beginning……………….

  • 03 Lekh L’kha

    03 Lekh L’kha

    here is my drosh…..s risus at ultrices mi tempus imperdiet. Facilisis mauris sit amet massa vitae tortor. Ut tristique et egestas quis ipsum suspendisse. Sapien eget mi proin sed libero enim sed faucibus turpis. Felis eget nunc lobortis mattis aliquam faucibus purus in. At ultrices mi tempus imperdiet nulla malesuada. Velit egestas dui id ornare…

  • Yerusha


    Yerusha – ירושה – legacy: Culling and sorting and prioritizing and discarding is a sacred task of eldering and aging with grace and wisdom. Thus, I am birthing this website. I realized that I have megabytes of writings and files from the last 30 years of studying, preaching and counseling; and, the likelihood of my…