Author: SaraLeya

  • Hirhurim Mei Ha-Lev Shel Savta – Savoring

    Hirhurim Mei Ha-Lev Shel Savta – Savoring Monday May 6, 2024.  28 Nisan 5784. Today I received a blessing from my spiritual director…the suggestion just to savor my breath.  To sit and breathe and not worry about intentions, prayer words, mantras.  Just savoring aliveness.  I have been stressing for a while now about not praying…

  • 06 Toldot

    06 Toldot

    twins what fun!!

  • 05 Hayei Sara

    05 Hayei Sara

    text text text…………………………

  • 04 Va’era

    04 Va’era

    who visited abraham???????/

  • The Universe of the Uterus

    The Universe of the Uterus

    What a surprise the first time it happened!   I remember standing in front of a large congregation at Chochmat HaLev, giving a sermon and, intending to invoke the “Universe” as an alternate way of referring to The Unity of All, when I heard myself saying “uterus” instead.  The laughter was robust and mutual – I…

  • Yerusha


    Yerusha – ירושה – legacy: Culling and sorting and prioritizing and discarding is a sacred task of eldering and aging with grace and wisdom. Thus, I am birthing this website. I realized that I have megabytes of writings and files from the last 30 years of studying, preaching and counseling; and, the likelihood of my…